About Me

My name is Scott Santarlas:

I have struggled with my weight my whole life until 2014. I was 477 LBS and was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. In 2014 after trying multiple diets and working with a Dietitian with little to no success, I decided to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery. I lost 52 LBS from following their 1000 calorie diet prior to surgery. After surgery I was able to lose 150 LBS before hitting a major stall. I then started using Herbalife Nutrition and went on to lose another 83 LBS. I wanted to build muscle and started using the 24 Line and now I am up 24 LBS of muscle. I want to help everyone that feels stuck, unsure, too skinny, and everything in between. It does not matter where you currently are, I can help you get to the goal you want!

Your Health and Fitness Coach,

Scott Santarlas